AYO is a proud member of the Arts8 together with ANAM, The Australian Ballet School, AFTRS, Flying Fruitfly Circus, NAISDA, NICA and NIDA.  

The organisations in the Arts8 group are the backbone of Australian culture and we welcome Revive and its recognition that strong arts training organisations are vital drivers of economic activity and the creative strength of Australia. 

First Nations First is a priority of the National Cultural Policy and all Arts 8 organisations have been and will continue towards enhancing first nations representation in all our arts forms.

Our graduates are the lifeblood of Australia’s creative industries.  Over many years of delivering dedicated training to the most talented students across Australia we have honed exceptional training and learning practices, engaging industry leading practitioners in delivering a critical pipeline of talent to all facets of the creative industry and beyond. We train students from across the country. We are truly national institutions.

Our training is unique – hands on, delivered by industry experts, in studios, production sets and sound stages, concert halls, theatres, circus spaces, on Country – and we have unrivalled student retention rates of over 95% with over 90% of our graduates going on to employment in the cultural sectors.

Over the years, these institutions have trained world class artists such as Cate Blanchett and Sarah Snook, Warwick Thornton and Rachel Perkins, Jane Campion and Baz Luhrmann, and much of the Bangarra Dance Company, the country’s State theatre and ballet companies, The Australian Ballet, the Australian symphony network, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and many more: these and many other of Australia’s performing arts companies would not exist, or be filled by artists from abroad, if the work of the Arts8 were to be diminished. Global circus companies like Cirque du Soleil have performers who have come through NICA and Flying Fruit Fly Circus.  We are the engine room that keeps our sector going – as we are the organisations that produce the trades people behind the curtain/camera that audiences don’t see.