You’ve taken the first step towards becoming part of the AYO family. At AYO, we believe that an inclusive and collaborative culture underpins excellence in the performing arts. Equity, diversity and inclusion are considered essential to the continued success of AYO. AYO will support diversity and inclusion in regard to representation of gender, socio-economic status, First Nations peoples, cultural diversity, sexual orientation and disability.  

For the first time, AYO will waive the application fee for applicants who identify as First Nations.

AYO is committed to ensuring that all eligible musicians are able to participate in our programs regardless of financial and geographic circumstance. We have a generous financial assistance program that helps participants offset the program fees and travel costs associated with attending AYO programs. To put it another way, if you have the talent, you are eligible for our programs. 

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Create an account if you don’t already have one. You only need to submit one application, regardless of how many instruments or programs you nominate. Make sure you use the name and contact details of the applicant if you are applying on their behalf. Next of kin are included on all communications to under 18 year olds.

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