All instrumental applicants are required to submit a recorded audition. During this audition, applicants must perform a set of AYO orchestral excerpts and a short piece of their choice for most instruments.

Audition Requirements for 2025 Instrumental Applicants


Following feedback from our Youth Council, the audition excerpts are now freely available on our website.

Things to consider when preparing your excerpts:

  • Take time to learn about the background of each work
  • Listen to an orchestral recording of the work to hear your part played in context
  • Look carefully at tempo, dynamic and articulation markings, and consider them when preparing each excerpt. Metronome markings are provided as an indication
  • Bear in mind that the excerpts are of varying difficulty. A difficult excerpt should not dishearten younger or less experienced players—play it more slowly if necessary
  • Seek the guidance of your instrumental teacher in preparing your excerpts
  • Applicants will be assessed on a range of technical and musical elements, including:
  • Accuracy (intonation, rhythm and articulation)
  • Musicality (dynamics, phrasing and sensitivity)
  • Tone quality (timbre and beauty of sound)

For any questions relating to auditions, please contact AYO at or 1300 668 500.