The Words About Music cohort at the 2019 AYO National Music Camp and tutor Phillip Sametz were fortunate to work with ABC music producer Jakub Gaudasinski throughout camp. Together, they created this interval feature, first heard on ABC Classic FM during the live broadcast from camp on Saturday 12 January.

An orchestra performs on stage at a concert at AYO National Music Camp 2019.

In it, you’ll meet some of the people who make this camp such an exceptional environment for great music-making, including Melody Eötvös, composer of Attic Tragedy and tutor of the National Music Camp composition program; and Giordano Bellencampi, the conductor of the Alexander Orchestra. You’ll also hear from Stella Joseph-Jarecki, a member of Words About Music. But the first voice you’ll hear is that is of Leane McGowan.

You’ll hear the following music during the feature:
Bach: Grave from Violin Sonata No. 2 in A minor, BWV 1003
Melody Eötvös: Attic Tragedy
Melody Eötvös: House of the Bumblebees
Melody Eötvös: Wild October Jones
Beethoven: Symphony No.4

Feature created by the 2019 Words Abour Music team: Madi Chwasta, Christopher Healey, Stella Joseph-Jarecki and Adam Weizter, with tutor Phillip Sametz.
Producer: Jakub Gaudasinki.

Australian Youth Orchestra · AYO National Music Camp – Words About Music & ABC Interval Feature