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In One Week…
By Tahlia Williams

A viola instrument case covered in stickers.
A violin case covered in colourful stickers.
A violin case covered in colourful stickers.

In one week, the Tour Down Under cyclists ride from Tanunda to Mount Lofty.

In one week, West Indies and Australia sweat through their test match under the Adelaide sun.

In one week, Apollo 11 transported its crewmen safely to the moon.

In one week, AYO prepares and produces a blockbuster day of concerts.

From the learning of notes to the setting (and resetting) of stage; from the broadcast of the concert to the management of backstage logistics; from the writing of programme notes to the realisation of the music itself – this is all done in one week.

Last week, the musicians at National Music Camp discovered a unity that was elusive on the first day. Practice and tutorials soon transformed the nervous energy of the first rehearsals into positivity, and bonded each section. The students found the skill and capacity within themselves to perform two concerts that called for virtuosity, dexterity, concentration and a collaborative mindset. Without exception, the orchestras executed these qualities with intent and discipline. AYO concerts are known for being visceral experiences – they’re blushing with energy, vitality, physicality and a living-life-on-the-edge sort of musicality. They’re received with rapture by proud families, tutors, colleagues and advocates from the wider national community.

In one week, the AYO Orchestral Management students developed a system for transporting timpani, harps, podiums, chairs and people on and off stage multiple times per day. They negotiated the logistics of producing a concert (two if you don’t mind), so that everything ran seamlessly despite the enormity of showcasing three orchestras, twice in one day. Without a cohort of gymnasts, weight-lifters, note-takers, cue-givers and musician-relaxers behind the scenes, no orchestra can share its music with the nation. For eight strangers to become a fully-functioning team within just one week is no small feat, so congratulations to Brighdie Chambers and her students, and thank you for all your work.

In one week, Australia celebrates its diversity at Harmony Week.

In one week, AYO celebrated the diversity of Australia’s classical music industry.

In one week more, AYO will present a second Saturday of orchestral wonders – even more refined and united.

Never underestimate how much can be accomplished in one week.