In August 31 young musicians flew to the home of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to perform formidable works by the great Richard Strauss and Mahler.

Profile of a trumpet player

Anticipated annually with great enthusiasm by its participants, this year AYO & TSO in Concert marked the inauguration of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Vienna Alive series, aimed at highlighting Viennese composers and works. Opening with the grand First Waltz Sequence from Richard Strauss’ Der Rosenkavalier and closing with the emotionally intense Symphony no. 5 by Mahler, the concert experience for the participants proved to be a challenging and rewarding roller-coaster ride. Performing under the baton of the wonderful Marko Letonja, the musicians were exposed in addition to the magical vocal interpretations of Australian soprano Cheryl Barker who transformed herself beautifully to capture the radiance of Countess Madeleine, the heroine of Strauss’ enchanting final opera, Capriccio.