Next year, those visiting the Sydney Opera House will have the chance to hear eight original fanfares, recorded by members of the AYO.

Trumpetist playing

In July, AYO musicians headed to the Trackdown Recording studio in Sydney, to record the winning entries from this year’s Artology Fanfare Competition. The competition provides young Australians aged 12-21 years the opportunity to write a 30-second, attention-grabbing fanfare. The competition, run for the second time in 2015, has given 8 young composers the chance to have their pieces recorded and played at the iconic Sydney Opera House. These pieces will be played to replace the ‘cue bell’, inviting audiences to take their seats before a performance commences. With over 1.4 million visitors each year, the Sydney Opera House provides great exposure for the young composers, and the AYO musicians who recorded their works.

Australian composer Nicholas Vines assisted the winners in workshopping and refining their pieces prior to recording. AYO musicians were then tasked with capturing the unique nature of capturing each piece in the recording studio. The experience provided an opportunity for our musicians to learn from experienced sound engineers, who guided the recording session and provided expert advice on recording techniques.

Keep your ears peeled when you visit the Sydney Opera House next year to hear the results of this exciting program!

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