The highlights of the 2015 program are AYO February Season and AYO July Season, featuring AYO’s flagship orchestra.

Trumpet and trombone musician's profiles.

Richard Mills, one of Australia’s most prolific and internationally recognised conductors and composers will lead the AYO as they partner with the Victorian Opera for a production of Richard Wagner’s earliest masterpiece, The Flying Dutchman. The AYO July Season sees the orchestra tour to Melbourne and Sydney with a performance of Mahler’s epic Third Symphony under the baton of Sir Mark Elder. In April, AYO Chamber Players will perform under the direction of cellist Nicolas Altstaedt in the 2015 Musica Viva Festival. Participants will be involved in a number of public performances, including open masterclasses and a series of concerts.

The AYO is recognised for some of the finest orchestral playing that audiences are invited to attend nationally, as well as comprehensive learning and training opportunities that teachers and tutors, conductors and students can experience.

The company’s reach is even more extensive as a result of AYO’s partnership with Principal Sponsor Accenture. As the AYO expands into the virtual world, musicians who live remotely or have limited financial means now have the opportunity to take part in the AYO training pathway via live online concert webcasts, masterclasses and open rehearsals.

AYO programs – Australian Youth Orchestra, AYO National Music Camp, AYO Young Symphonists, AYO Chamber Players, and AYO Orchestral Career Development – are widely noted for their innovative and tailored approach to training the country’s finest young musicians. These programs include everything from instrumental tutorials, opportunities to play in orchestral and chamber ensembles, seminars, and professional development sessions with Australia’s leading musicians and conductors; all of which are geared to target the specific needs and requirements of the musicians, offering a well-rounded education, which ultimately leads into a professional career.