Australian Youth Orchestra recently trialled online auditions for its applications process in Armidale, NSW and Brunswick, Melbourne on 5 June. Using the NBN, the trials involved an AYO musician ‘auditioning’ in Armidale before a panel located in Brunswick. Undertaking these mock auditions allows AYO to ensure that the online audition process upholds rigorous sound and technical standards, ensuring that each musician no matter where they live in Australia has access to a fair audition process.

AYO Chief Executive Officer Colin Cornish said: ‘For young musicians who live in regional and remote centres the need to travel can prove difficult, both logistically and financially. The ability to audition live via the NBN will change opportunities for many.’

The AYO Digital Connection Initiative, developed in partnership with AYO’s Principal Sponsor, Accenture, will open an educational gateway. Using the capacity of the NBN AYO will also develop specialist masterclasses, open rehearsals and extend and augment talent identification and national training programs. It will allow for greater capability and efficiency in streaming to multiple communities and schools through AYO Regional Residency programs.

We look forward to keeping you updated.