In late November, six Momentum Ensemble musicians, violinist Bindi McFarlane and Didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton had the great privilege to work with students from Peninsula Specialist College and Portland Bay school. This creative collaboration brought orchestral music to students and allowed them to play alongside musicians in a fun musical environment.

The young musicians of Momentum Ensemble smile at the camera accompanied by two guest artists.
Momentum Ensemble Project 2019 – left to right – Lauren Humphrey (Music Teacher), Loni Fitzpatrick (harp), Belinda McFarlane (violinist, London Symphony Orchestra), Emma Morrison (bassoon), Elissa Koppen (flute), Laura Harris (percussion), Oliver Shermacher (clarinet), Edward Wang (oboe), William Barton (didgeridoo virtuoso)

The students of Peninsula Specialist College worked in groups with the musicians over the week to bring the story of the Hungry Numbat to life for a concert performance as a full ensemble. Watch and find out what happens when you combine Momentum, Mornington and musical marsupials.

A special thank you to violinist, Belinda McFarlane and clarinettist Oliver Shermacher for being our story-tellers throughout the week.