Creative Australia, the Federal Government’s National Cultural Policy was launched on 13 March and has provided much needed additional support to AYO. In particular, the seed funding for our triennial international touring program will continue and a significant increase to our annual grant will enable AYO to offer more opportunities and support for aspiring musicians aged 12 to 30. We extend our thanks to the Minister for the Arts, Simon Crean for his commitment to this policy and to arts training.

Colin Cornish

As more and more young musicians line up to be selected for a position in the AYO’s annual programs, the cost and time involved in sending our team of expert musicians around the country to audition them grows.

Our month long audition tour each August provides opportunities to applicants to display their skills in all capital cities, in addition to a selection of regional centres. The AYO’s Digital Connection Initiative, developed in partnership with Accenture, and supported by the Australian Government, is currently being implemented and will increase the opportunities for young musicians to audition for AYO no matter where they live.

During April 2013 the AYO Chamber Players recitals will be webcast live and in May 2013 we will commence trials of remote auditions delivered live between Armidale, NSW and Melbourne using the NBN.

Over the next two years we will also present specialist masterclasses, regional schools workshops, open rehearsals, and share many of AYO’s performances live to our website as part of this project. If you live in an NBN connected region and would like to participate as audience members in our live concert trials please let us know.

Throughout our 65th anniversary year we have some great performances and events planned and I am sure those who experience it will be inspired by the AYO’s energy and passion. The concerts with Eschenbach and Bell in August are selling fast and we hope that as many of our friends, alumni, and supporters can join us for these exciting programs in Sydney and Melbourne.

Finally, I am delighted to welcome Sue Felton to the AYO in the role of Development Director. Sue was previously Director of Development at Queen’s College, University of Melbourne and joins the AYO at a vital time as together with our Board and Council we seek to raise the funds to continue our world leading programs beyond the AYO’s 65th year.

Colin Cornish
Chief Executive Officer

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