Question: Can you tell us a bit about you, and what you are up to these days?

Answer I am a musicologist, teacher and performer. I am the co-editor of <a href="">Memories of Musical Lives</a> from Lyrebird Press.

Question: What was a highlight of your time in AYO programs?

Answer Overseas tours were a challenge!

Question: What skills, musical and otherwise, did you take away from your time at AYO?

Answer I gained considerable musical and social experience from participating in AYO.

Question: Why do you think AYO is important to the Australian cultural landscape?

Answer AYO offers great opportunities for young musicians to work together.

Question: How would you describe AYO in three words?

Answer Vibrant, challenging, enthusiastic.

Question: How or why did you choose your instrument?

Answer I began to play the bassoon because the Canberra Youth Orchestra didn't have any bassoon players. My father knew composer and bassoonist George Dreyfus, who was a creative artist at the Australian National University at that time. George found an instrument for me and taught me for a year before I went to my first National Music Camp.

Question: What instrument would you play if you couldn’t play your primary instrument?

Answer I have concentrated on singing since those days.

Question: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Answer Best wishes to everyone in the AYO family.