Momentum Ensemble 2025

By invitation: Momentum Ensemble is group of dynamic orchestral performers seeking to develop a multi-faceted career in music.





Photo: Brett Scapin

About the Momentum Ensemble

Momentum Ensemble acts as a springboard for exceptional young musicians who want to develop a multi-faceted career in music. The aim of these musicians is to democratize Classical music, bringing new interpretations and unconventional works to audiences, and performing in venues that transcend the boundaries of the traditional recital hall.

Momentum Ensemble emerged out of a desire to fill a vocational and training gap for young musicians who are at the cusp of their professional careers. Members of the ensemble will gain teaching skills, access professional development opportunities, and develop skills that will assist them in launching a career as a versatile artist of the 21st century.

This project has been made possible with the generous support of our sponsors.


18 – 28

Inclusive as at 1 January 2025


By invitation. Open to previous participants of the Australian Youth Orchestra, Chamber Players or Professional Immersion programs at tertiary or post-graduate performance standard